Sushi Mushi

Sushi Mushi 6.4

Matching sushi colors and shapes


  • Standard matching gameplay
  • Great art style


  • Long loading times
  • Always need data connection
  • Lots of ads in free version

Not bad

Sushi Mushi is a social puzzle game where you match the color of sushi or the shape in the box.

Connected through a username or Facebook sign-in, you play against other users and try to get the highest score possible. The gameplay is not that difficult with the addition of various power-ups and possible chains.

Visuals in Sushi Mushi are striking in design and appearance which contrasts the standard gameplay seen in a lot of other games. The interface is easy to understand, but the free version of Sushi Mushi pushes a lot of annoying ads anywhere it can.

The game also has some issues with loading from the main start screen. When you start the app, you have to watch a unskippable video that plays every time you load the app fresh. When starting a game, you need a data connection because you are playing against someone online and that can add loading while it tries to connect.

Sushi Mushi also has purchasable power-ups with in-game coins. The core of Sushi Mushi is an interesting game, but it pulls a lot of features from other games and implements them in standard ways.

Sushi Mushi's gameplay is fun, but the interactions surrounding the game suffer a lot.

Sushi Mushi


Sushi Mushi 6.4

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